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February News

BERKELEY LIFE CENTRE – FEBRUARY/MARCH 2019 UPDATE Hello dear friends, family and supporters, Thank you again for partnering with BLC to make ministry in Berkeley possible with Jesus. To take the greatest message of all time to the people of our town Last saturday night our legendary green […]

When angels rejoice

As I walk around Berkeley I see so many lost souls, not a smile on anyone’s face, there’s shouting and abusive language coming from the units I walk past. A son shouting at his mother. No honour or respect. I talk with people as I walk, sharing with […]

From Wayne’s Corner…

As we watch the state of this world we see so much pain and suffering. As pastor of this great church I see lost people – addicted to drugs, alcohol, and gambling, anger and depression – every single day. When I first came to this church at Berkeley, […]