Rev. Wayne Pickford (Senior Pastor) has headed up Berkeley Life Centre since 2007. Wayne, a former prison guard and professional wrestler (no … seriously ….!!) says he wouldn’t pick anywhere other than Berkeley to lead a church, despite the daily barriers that come with being a ‘parentless’ church plant in a welfare class area.


In early 2014 BLC sought to find a structure that emphasised discipleship. We came up with the Departments – briefly explained below. The next step was to find the RIGHT people to head up each of these departments. This took a lot of prayer and a lot of patience and we now have 4 of the 6 department leader roles filled!!! We are still looking for the right people to fill the Magnification and Kids and Families Department Leader role. Please pray with us about these vacancies.

Ministry Departments-01

Examples of healthy leadership are so important in an area like Berkeley. We need our leaders at BLC to be above reproach at all times and display biblical leadership in all they do. As such, all Department Leaders must comply with below:

Ministry Departments-03