Berkeley Life Centre’s genesis was in the one-to-one visiting of Adopt-a-Block. Some of the original blocks are still being visited by team members regularly now and over the years we have expanded to include new streets, which are visited by members of the church who came to know Jesus through being visited. We’ve noticed that there are a number of people in our community who we visit who have stepped into our building or attended a program but still consider Wayne their pastor. We consider Adopt-a-Block to continue be a crucial part of our ministry in reaching out to people and developing relationships. We hope to train more people up to take on their own blocks in the future.

The Berkeley Life Centre is  currently comes under Evangelism and New Churches (ENC) which is part of Sydney Anglicans. Throughout the last century, Evangelism and New Churches (ENC) has been at the forefront of proclaiming the Gospel within Sydney and into the wider world. In 1914 the first Diocesan Missioner was appointed. In 1927 the Board of Diocesan Missions was established. For 50 years, its evangelists gave faithful service in preaching the Gospel and in training others. From the seventies through to the nineties, as the Department of Evangelism, this ministry expanded under the leadership of John Chapman and it grew to have a far reaching impact throughout Sydney, Australia and many other parts of the world.