February News

Hello dear friends, family and supporters,

Thank you again for partnering with BLC to make ministry in Berkeley possible with Jesus. To take the greatest message of all time to the people of our town

Last saturday night our legendary green bus left Berkeley to Sydney to see Franklin Graham.

Franklin stated that he was preaching the same message as his father, the same message we present every week at Berkeley….the message of the cross.

Our desire is to see the whole of Berkeley loving Jesus! Our people are growing in their faith, they love Jesus even through the many issues in their lives and they want to love him more and more.

Please pray for us as we reach out to the non-churched. Pray that God’s Spirit will be with us and move through us to draw many more people into His Kingdom.

The strong message of the Bible is to love our neighbours. – please pray for Adopt A Block. We are looking for more people to join the team. All that is required is a strong faith in Jesus and a half day training and to be able to spend 2 hours a week in Berkeley.

Praise God for our op shop – that is where we DO church 6 days a week, with Sunday meetings at the green shed.  I’m biased but I believe we have the best volunteers in the world, led by our manager Kaye who you will hear from a bit further in this letter. Please keep this ministry in your prayers.

We have outgrown the rented space we have – which means that our sales are dropping as we struggle to get more product on the tiny floor space. More and more people are coming for ministry, which is great news, but we have no space to fit it all in!  We urgently need prayer please to see God make a way for a bigger space in the centre of Berkeley where we can combine Sunday worship, midweek Bible study, the op shop ministry and daily ministry like the food van, all under one roof.

A DATE FOR THE DIARY: 31st August 2019 – 6pm LIGHTING UP BERKELEY – our annual vision night. We hope to see many of you there!

I’ve been on the road a bit this past few weeks, speaking at various churches and meetings. I talked with a group of ladies at Daisy Hill. After the talk, a lady came up to me and said she was inspired to persevere.

She said “I have a brother who is on drugs and other addictions, a very nasty man. I meet up with him every week at my home and I was going to tell him tomorrow that I couldn’t meet up with him anymore. But now I am going to keep going – you’ve given me hope to continue.”

Please pray for the Mission Council who oversee BLC with ENC Chairman Peter Kell, Treasurer Spencer Green and members Janet Jarvis, Bruce Hearn, Al Lewis, and Shani Smith. I want to thank them for being a great support to myself and to BLC.

SCHOOL SCRIPTURE – we provide SRE lessons in two schools in Berkeley. I absolutely love school Scripture and reaching out to the future church. Please keep praying for our team: Nora Talbot, Diana Hunt, Liz Boeswart, Rob George and myself.

On March 11, Al Lewis, a long time member of Berkeley and his fiance Emily will be married!! This is great news for much rejoicing and we thank God. This young couple love the Lord Jesus and have purchased a home in Berkeley. This follows on from Brad Gill who recently married and also is moving to Berkeley. Great young people who love on the least of these.

“I wonder how many Christian people could have their biographies condensed in this line….’He lives to make Christ Known?'” {Charles Spurgeon}

Finally, I want to encourage you in what has been the most remarkable way for us to engage with the people of our town. A great resource to get your hands on… – The Word One to One.

Jesus Wins


Kay is our Second Chance Op Shop Manager and we asked her a few questions:

Why did you take on this position?

“I love helping people, and enjoy working with the public. The op shop makes money for the church and I love the people that work here, it’s my social life!”

What aspects about the role do you enjoy the most?

“It’s seeing a tangible way of helping others that is the best for me.

For example, the other day a guy walked in who had got some cheap accommodation at the hotel after being released from prison. He had nothing else. We were able to provide him with blankets, food, clothing, eating and dining utensils, and also got him an opal card so he could get around.

We told him about church and times etc.”

Kay also coordinates the Anglicare food van visits to the op shop every fortnight.

Thank you Kay and team for all you do to care for our community.

BLC partners with Anglicare to provide economical foodstuff for the battlers in our community.

There is a great volunteer team who pitches in every fortnight to help the locals, who we’ve built relationship with now beyond just helping to meet their physical needs. It’s all about building pathways to the only one who can satisfy the longings of their souls – Jesus.

“While clearly Jesus was preaching the good news to all, he showed throughout his ministry the particular interest in the poor and the downtrodden that God has always had. Jesus in his incarnation moved in with the poor and lived with, ate with and associated with the socially ostracized. Matt 9:13” – {Tim Keller}

“A Church that doesn’t reach out to the city isn’t a church, it’s a country club.” {Jarrid Wilson}


I’ve been coming to BLC for 11 years. I love the music, the sermon and the passion of Pastor Wayne. I also love to her special guest preachers. I love coming on Wednesday night Bible Study. It’s a great time of felllowship and learning for the Word and great people.
{Steven Brown}

This year will be 10 years since I’ve started coming to this amazing and loving church. The very first Sunday I came to BLC everyone was so welcoming. {Elizabeth Westcott}

I always get support for whatever happens in my life. It’s good to know there’s people who actually care about what goes on in your life. Every week we are shown better ways to understand God’s word which I really love. I haven;t stopped learning about Jesus since I first came here.
{Keiran Baldacchino}

I’ve been coming to church for like 8 years and I’ve been coming for the last 3 and a half years service eveyr week and bible study. I like going to church because Iike learning about the world and God and when we will be with Him forever. People should come to learn and get help from church people. Please remember God with you in your troubles. I’m praying for people to get better and stay safe in this world, with no anger, only to sort things out.

Hello, my name is Janet and I’ve been coming to our church in Berkeley for 8 years. I have learnt a lot in this time. However, after attending the Franklin Graham tour last Saturday and on church the following morning, I finally realised that after confessing our sins to the Lord, He really does forgive us and totally forgets them, never to be heard of again. Therefore, when we finally do go to heaven, we will not have to confess these sins again. That God has really forgotten all those sins that I have previously confessed and asked forgiveness for.
{Janet Jarvis}



The Word gives me a good feeling. The people are friendly and the music is the same, we need to play different songs. BBQ is nice and it’s good we can have a smoko break to get us in the mood to talk. When people come for the first time it’s a good message.
{Rick Chantler}

Ever since I decided to start coming to church because I had been struggling in myself, the ladies and gents have been nothing but awesome and caring and kind. Also I’ve learned a lot of helpful things over the time I’ve been here and feel like a massive weight has been lifted from me and I am now free from my thoughts. For a long time I couldn’t change from my old habits (even though I was going to church and learning a lot more about Jesus) I now find it a lot easier to be a better person.

Hello, my name is Charmayne. I have been coming to BLC since 2013. I have suffered a number of car accidents, resulting in numerous injuries. I have always been a believer in Jesus, but never had anyone who believed or supported me in my faith. Since joining our church, I have never been alone in my faith or ever felt so cared for in a church family as I do now. I now could not imaging not being involved or ever stop learning about our God. I hope now that I can help and introduce my family, fiends and whomever I meet to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I don’t ever want any person I know to miss out on knowing or being with Jesus. To be rescued by him, to be loved by him and the chance of living forever in His Kingdom.
Thank you for being a witness to my journey.
{Charmayne Hort}

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Jesus Wins