From Wayne's Corner

From Wayne’s corner…Lighting up Berkeley Re-cap

Two weeks ago was our vision night called Lighting UP Berkeley. We do this once a year, giving our church members and supporters an idea of what God has been doing in our wonderful town, and in ourselves.

A lot of new faces heard the background and the vision for Berkeley for the first time.

There were plenty of cheers and tears, but the talk of the night was Isaac Keenan.

When I came to Berkeley in 2007, Isaac was in sixth grade. He lived in a very dysfunctional family, but became a follower of Jesus despite the hardships.

I baptised him in Lake Illawarra and today he is a youth leader and planning to go to Bible College next year.

This is Jesus Christ transforming a life to transform a community.

We talked about the story of the women at the well in John 4.

This woman had to come to the well outside of normal gathering hours, because she was seen as an outcast by her village because of her lifestyle.  Noone wanted anything to do with her.

woman well.jpg

When she gets to the well, she meets Jesus, and the longest conversation recorded in the Bible takes place.

Get this!  The first person that Jesus reveals Himself to as the Saviour of the World is this woman!! The one that noone else deemed fit to speak to, to eat with, to befriend, is the one that our Lord chooses to tell of the Great Redemption plan of our Father God.

Many people in Berkeley are just like this woman. Noone wants anything to do with them.sad.jpg

We don’t have a well in our town today, but we do have a meeting place in our op shop that is a community hub just like that well.

In our little op shop hub, or in our sunday services, you can meet and come to know the best friend you will ever have – the same Jesus who gave this woman ‘living water’ extends the invitation to you.


Jesus Wins,