From Wayne's Corner

From Wayne’s Corner…

As we watch the state of this world we see so much pain and suffering.

As pastor of this great church I see lost people – addicted to drugs, alcohol, and gambling, anger and depression – every single day.

When I first came to this church at Berkeley, I was regularly asked by the locals when I was going to leave. After all, there used to be 7 churches here, and one by one they’ve all left – put the area into the too hard basket!

So it’s very exciting that this Saturday night 25/8 we will celebrate 10 years, (10 YEARS!!!) of ministry to the people of Berkeley. We have seen many come into relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Some stay and others leave, but there are many success stories.

One by the name of Isaac, who grew up in Berkeley, went to the local school, and became a follower of Jesus. Next year he will be attending Moore College bible school so please keep him in your prayers.

We also need prayer for our dear friend Tanya, a wonderful volunteer in the op shop. who last week lost her mother, and now her father has suffered a heart attack.

I love how the Bible calls Jesus a friend of sinners, and that’s what the people of Berkeley need to realise and see…. Jesus as their friend

Restoration is not something on the heart of God,…IT IS THE HEART OF GOD! It is the reason Jesus came to earth the first time, and it’s the reason He will come again.

Mother Teresa said, “I have found the paradox that if you love until it hurts, there can be nor more hurt, only more love.”

The lonely and lost of Berkeley need to be loved until it hurts!

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