From Wayne's Corner

From Wayne’s Corner…

I spent some time with the lovely op shop volunteers this morning. What a great bunch of ladies, living for Jesus.

I shared with them the life of William Borden (1887-1913).

After giving his life to the Lord at the age of 8, William always wanted to be a missionary, but came from a life of privilege. His father was a millionaire and the world was literally at William’s feet.

His friend told him that he was throwing his life away as a missionary, to which William replied, “You have never seen heaven.”

Had William Borden devoted his life to business interests and followed in the footsteps of his earthly father, there is no doubt he would have become a multi-millionaire. But his life began and ended with his Heavenly Father, and it was to Him that he answered.

Borden boldly witnessed for Christ and backed up that witness with such a consistent life that even the unbeliever had to admit he was a true Christian.

Borden was looking forward to moving to China as a missionary, but just as he was preparing to set sail, he became ill with cerebral meningitis and died at the age of 26.

Many thought this was a huge waste, to lose a life so young.

But it’s not the length of life that matters in eternity, it’s the strength of one’s influence for God. William Borden lived his life for Jesus, knowing with a certain hope of an eternity to be lived with His Saviour.

We must fix our eyes on Jesus, for as many days as He gives us to remain on Earth. To spend eternity with our God, in a renewed Earth, where God will dwell with His people, takes the focus off the momentary problems and helps us to focus on what is most important…. and that is to see our friends, family, neighbours, and community acknowledge that Jesus is Lord of all and to live in light of that truth.

I leave you with a quote from Archbishop Peter Jensen:

True faith, shaped by the Word of God, never takes its eyes from the Lord Jesus as our only hope in life and in death, and it lives at the foot of the cross as the only place where true assurance and true peace may be found.

Jesus Wins.