Lighting up Berkeley, 6pm June 20 2015, is Berkeley Life Centre’s open night to find out what MISSION in Berkeley really looks like. Come along to hear about the struggles and triumphs and personal testimonies. RSVP is a must, please email


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For the past 3 years we have been holding our Lighting Up Berkeley fundraising and information night. This is an opportunity for us to communicate what mission in Berkeley is all about; the challenges, triumphs, strategies, logistics, budgets, challenges, testimonies, vision ……. did we mention the challenges? Our next LUB will be in June 2015 (date to be set) and we would love for you to join us!

A LuB first-timer’s reflections of the night. 

By Jane – Mt Keira

On a winter night, rugged up against rising damp and cold, we found a welcoming and warm oasis in the middle of Berkeley with the people of the Green Shed. Berkeley has a bit of a rough reputation around town, and certainly the stats which were provided on the night highlighted the incredibly high levels of poverty and disadvantage so many in that area have struggled with for generations now. However those of us who were guests at the ‘lighting up Berkeley’ celebration, were embraced with generosity, openness, hospitality and a loving energy which gifted us with a life enriching experience. We met Shannon and Charmaine who described so powerfully the Green Shed community, where members hold with dignity each other’s brokenness and hard histories, and offer each other hope, friendship, forgiveness, value and belonging. This is a community where people are committed to each other for the long haul. Why? The transforming and besotted love of Jesus Christ has changed the life of Wayne, the senior minister, and continues to bring life and transformation to those who have found a home in the Green Shed, and through them to Berkeley and beyond. Jesus is rescuing people, in fact a whole community, from darkness, loneliness, hatred and despair…right in front of our eyes! No wonder the sense of love, gratitude and joy is so palpable. What a privilege it is to be offered the chance to support in whatever way, Jesus as he miraculously breathes life, warmth and salvation through an entire community. Jane, Mt Keira.

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